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3dMD Trio System

3dMD Trio System

 3dMDtrio System

 Ultra-Fast Capture Speed:~1.5 milliseconds

Subject Capture:200-degree face capture (ear-to-ear)

Configuration:Three modular units of nine machine vision cameras and an industrial-grade flash system synchronized in a single capture.

Geometry Accuracy:<0.2mm RMS or better depending on mode

Large Scale Image Collection Exercises in High-Throughput Environments:Provides additional space for the subject within the capture area so the positioning protocols do not have to be so rigid. It also provides more ear detail from side to side. This system was used in The Science Museum London for the "Me in 3D” project where the team captured more than 12,000 subjects within a 3 month period.

Non-Invasive Alternative to CT or CBCT modalities:Accurately document the patient’s natural head position and multiple facial expressions noninvasively throughout the treatment cycle.

Compatible with CT and CBCT:3dMD images register 1:1 to address CBCT surface artifacts caused by patient movement during the duration of the scan; allow compensation for soft tissue compression from CBCT stabilization aids (i.e. chin cup); eliminate the effect of soft tissue draping from supine devices; and supplement any missing anatomical data (i.e. nose).

3D Image Rendering Speed:9 seconds

3D Surface Mesh Integrity:Automatically generates a continuous 3D polygon surface mesh with a single x,y,z coordinate system from all synchronized stereo pairs. The 3dMD software automatically maps all of the color information to the mesh. No stitching of images required.

Economical Upgrade Path to:3dMDhead, 3dMDtorso, 3dMDthorax, 3dMDflex, 3dMDbody Systems.


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