Patient Specific Surgical Guide and Implant Design

Patient Specific Surgical Guide and Implant Design

Customize Implant

Producing prototypes before the real production eliminates design mistakes, the anatomic structures and defects which can only be seen at the time of the operation thus the possible operation risks and incorrect prosthesis production risk. With using the prototype models the defects that are overlooked at the design stage or things that cannot be predicted by doctors or designers will be eliminated before the operation and production.

Examples of pre-Surgical planning 
- Determine implant contours in advance 
- Determine screw trajectory 
- Selecting screw and location
- Choosing surgical tools 
- Technical practice

Production of customized implants:
 Word leading implant producers are using Z Corb. Products to fabricate customized implants rapidly and cost-effective to gather ultimate performance. 

Communication between doctors:
 Z Corp. models improve the communication between doctors and surgical team; particularly simplifies multi-disciplinary cases.

Most effective method to explain the patient his own case:
 Z Corb. Models increases the communication capacity between doctor and the patient; increased confidence of patient to doctor; guarantees surgeons operation success.

An important education tool for med-students and residents

Pre-Surgical Planning: Using medical models before the surgery will decrease the operation time, operation costs, improve the results, decrease mistakes to minimum and provides a fast recovery after the operation. 

After verifying the prosthesis on the prototype model and getting the approval from the doctor prosthesis is produced with using the Materials Titanium (Ti6A14V-Grade 5) ,Cobalt-Chrome (ASTM F75 CoCr) ,Stainless steel (ASTM 316L) according to the ISO 13485:2003 standard with laying the steel powders layer by layer and melting them with lase and electron beams to gather a structure with 100% density. With using the SLM (selective laser melting) or EBM (electron beam melting) technique. 

Productions of customized products in complex geometries are very hard and in many cases impossible to produce with CNC or casting. In 4C medical with using the technological production techniques we are providing with the technological techniques that we are providing our company ensures to get the product rapidly and within the desired sensitivity. 

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