Medical Modelling

Medical Modelling Medical Modeling

Two critical factors at ortopedy and maxillofacial processes are; surgeon patient relationship and determining the implant pre-counters precisely. It will allow; direct communication with patient, informing the patient, letting him take decisions regarding to his treatment in a better way, one to one compatibility of the implant to the patient, reducing the operating time and making the patient feel more comfortable on his following life. 3D physical models are an invaluable tool in for both doctors and patients.

Pre-surgical planning:
The ability to use models for pre-surgical planning reduces operating room time, lowers cost, and enhances patient outcomes, minimize errors and reducing recovery time.


Medical modelling solutions 

Pre-Surgical Planning: Using medical models before the surgery will decrease the operation time, operation costs, improve the results, decrease mistakes to minimum and provides a fast recovery after the operation.

Examples of pre-Surgical planning 

- Determine implant contours in advance 
- Determine screw trajectory 
- Selecting screw and location
- Choosing surgical tools 
- Technical practice 

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