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3dMD Torso System

3dMD Torso System
3dMDtorso System
Ultra-Fast Capture Speed:~1.5 milliseconds
Subject Capture:190-degree torso and breast capture

Configuration:Four modular units of 12 machine vision cameras and an industrial-grade flash system synchronized in a single capture.

Designed to provide more 3D surface coverage for clinics that have patients who require breast reconstruction and/or breast reduction procedures. Similar to 3dMD’s custom 3dMDtorso System at the University of Texas MD Anderson, 3dMD has the capability to build a custom set-up that meets the customer’s specific capture requirements.

Geometry Accuracy:<0.2-0.5mm RMS or better depending on mode

3D Surface Mesh Integrity:Automatically generates a continuous 3D polygon surface mesh with a single x,y,z coordinate system from all synchronized stereo pairs. The 3dMD software automatically maps all of the color information to the mesh. No stitching of images required.

Economical Upgrade Path to:3dMDflex, 3dMDbody Systems.


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